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Top Natural Cures for Depression

In this post you will find top natural cures for depression.

1. I would recommend you to make more friends. Your friends and relatives can help you in many situations. Good friends will divert your mind from all the troubles of life.
2. Proper diet and regular exercise are one of the natural cures of depression and anxiety. Exercise gives you a good mood and makes you more active.
3. It is a good idea to go for herbal supplements. Herbal supplements have many advantages and zero side effects. Some of the natural remedies are sage tea, holy basil, chamomile tea, st john`s wort, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids.
4. You should read a lot about natural cures and remedies of depression. There are many books, websites and blogs which can help you a lot in getting rid of minor depression.
5. You should eat green vegetables and whole grains. A good diet makes our mind healthy.
6. Drink a glass of milk every day. Milk contains serotonin which is a anto depressant neurotransmitter.

There are many patients who are using natural remedies instead of prescription drugs. But don`t forget to consult your family doctor before trying any type of natural remedy or herbal product.

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